Recipe: English Pea Soup

Chef Chris Parsons, of Winchester’s Parson’s Table, is one of the chefs on board for the for the first annual Food & Fin event set to take place on Nantucket from July 7-10. He shared with us his sweet summer soup recipe ahead of the event.

Chilled English Pea Soup with Maine Crab Salad

Serves 4


2 c. English peas, blanched until tender, shocked in ice water
Whole milk, as needed
Kosher salt, as needed
White pepper, fresh ground, as needed
1/4 lb. Maine crab leg meat, picked through
2 tbsp chopped chives
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as needed
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
Fleur de sel, as needed
½ c. pea tendrils

Drain the English peas and pat dry with a towel. Place the peas in a blender and pour just enough milk over the peas to almost cover. Season with kosher salt and white pepper. Blend on high until smooth. If the soup is too thick add another splash of milk. Strain through fine mesh strainer pushing through with the back of a ladle. Taste, adjust seasoning and place in refrigerator.

Place the crab meat in a bowl with the chives, a drizzle of olive oil, and the lemon juice. Season with fleur de sel and white pepper. Gently mix the crab, taste and adjust seasoning. Ladle the soup into four chilled bowls. Spoon the crab salad into the center of each bowl. Place the pea tendrils in the empty crab bowl, drizzle with olive oil and gently toss. Place the tendrils on the crab salad and sprinkle with fleur de sel. Serve with a chilled spoon. Enjoy.