Small Batch 471 by Breckenridge Brewery

Here’s my move at the beer store when I want something new: I look through all the big bottles in the refrigerated section and grab what’s almost out of stock.

The last bottle of Small Batch 471 — a double hopped IPA by Breckenridge Brewery — was sitting there like a trophy, gleaming under the fluorescent light.

It cost me $9.99, but it was money worth spending, even if for the surprise factor alone.

Don’t let the name fool you. And don’t expect something on the sharp and bitter side. Crack open a bottle and you will find a sweet, frothy orange concoction instead. Wow.

The beer packs a 9.2-percent ABV. Breckenridge Brewery is based in Denver, Colo., but luckily is available in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Their Small Batch 471 series also has in its line-up an Imperial Brown, Imperial Porter and a Strong Scottish Ale.

I bought my bottle just over the state line in New Hampshire, where it’s much cheaper than prices in the Bay State. The price difference between the two states — driven by the middleman system of beer distribution — makes me lean toward the Smokey & the Bandit routine when it comes to buying beer for home.

On the Waterfront: There’s been an explosion of activity in recent weeks down by the Seaport District, largely because of the new Liberty Wharf building, which houses four new restaurants. It will probably take a while to soak in all the beer-drinking possibilities, but here are a few notes to start off:

Legal Harborside has a large and carefully picked beer selection worthy of wine list. In recent weeks, I have been drinking beers by Cambridge Brewery along with Rouge Dead Guy ale. The folks over at have a brief list of what’s available.

You can find some great beers up the street, too. The Daily Catch, located at the federal courthouse building, sports a 10-page beer menu. I recently had a very enjoyable pint of Jack D’Or by Pretty Things. Their beer menu is a tip of the hat to local brewers and craft brews from afar.

Buying beer for home? Then get over the Harpoon Brewery just past Liberty Wharf and score a growler of their Leviathan Imperial IPA for $12.99. Their prices for 12-packs ($12.99) of Harpoon IPA and lose cases of IPA ($22.99) are hard to beat if you’re having a cookout or party.

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