Seizing the Barracuda Booty

After jotting down a few notes, I am pushing myself not to get all Andy Rooney about this, but I really can’t escape the truth: I love my beer, but I really don’t like people all that much.

I know you are feeling that way too every once in a while. C’mon now, don’t deny it.

The Barracuda Tavern, tucked away on Bosworth Street next door to Marliave, might give you some well-earned solace.

Going to Barracuda is like someone opening up their well-stocked man room just for you. My ideal Boston bar is on the smaller side. And maybe those walls painted baby blue has some kind of subliminal affect that makes me think I am elsewhere.

Working through the roster, impressive, high-octane beer selection probably helps. During both of my visits, I was among maybe a dozen or so patrons. The music was low enough to have a conversation and the service was prompt, but not overbearing. The nachos with buffalo chicken are a real score for $9 along with chicken tenders at the same price.

I’ve been told that the crowds here stay small, but it’s a favorite late night spot of restaurant industry types.

On my first trip here back in the spring, I was drinking drafts of Dog Fish Head 60 Minute for about $6.50 a pop. Last weekend, I noticed the Dog Fish Head was gone from the taps selection, but bottles of 60 and 90 Minute were available.

I tried a Heavy Seas Dubbel Cannon, a Belgian style IPA that had a spicy finish that I didn’t expect. I’m more a Jack D’Or man myself. But Dubbel Cannon gives an unexpected robust twist. My Special Lady made a more reasonable choice of a Stone Pale Ale, a Southern California take on a British pale ale. Its finish is smooth and clean – much more of what I wanted on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Beer prices start around $6 and close to that price point. Other notable bottle choices (called their Barracuda Booty) include Allagash White Ale, Racer IPA, Session Black Lager and Hoegaarden Witbier.

Listen, in a city of a million or so people, you need a quiet spot, a place with some craft beer where you can relax, drain a few and forget about the day-to-day. Just do me a favor. Don’t be hitting the Barracuda too much. I don’t want you jamming up my fine service, peace, quiet and beer.

If you do, that me not-liking-you thing will likely kick up.


The Beer Drinker is a writer and creator of the Beer Drinking Report. He was watching a Dave Alvin show with Tennessee when he heard Whitey was nabbed out West.