Tidbit: The Capone at Nantucket's Fresh Market

The loyalty fans have to Nantucket’s Turkey Terrific sandwich (from one of our fave spots, Provisions) rivals the clamor we’ve seen surrounding Barbara Lynch’s prune-stuffed gnocchi or Gordon Hamersley’s roast chicken: it’s downright legendary. But the selection of sammies on The Rock has expanded recently. Meaning, at the very least, you have a few options to get you from one lunch to the next.

Fresh, a four-season-old market set a few blocks from Provisions on Salem Street, not only stocks a well-edited selection of easy drinking wines and booze, but also does sandwiches to order (as well as sushi, breakfast sammies, and even a few prepared dinner items). On our last jaunt down, we discovered the local’s new favorite, The Capone ($8.95, above). A riff on a classic Italian sub, this soft, roasted garlic ciabatta roll is stuffed top to tail with cured meats (capicola, ham, salami), provolone, banana peppers, pickles, onions, and tomatoes. A light smear of herbed balsamic vinaigrette pulls the ingredients together nicely and the roll offers punchy kick. Stock up on a couple before your bike ride down to Jetties Beach, or grab an assortment for your crew (The Yardbird, 8.95, pairs turkey breast with Muenster, arugula and basil aioli).

And don’t worry — that Turkey Terrific will still be on the menu tomorrow.

Fresh, 5 Salem St., Nantucket, 508-825-2100; freshnantucket.com.