Tidbit: Rylee's Kettle Chips

Aside from a good, garlicky pickle, very few things can enhance a perfect sandwich. With the exception, that is, of a potato chip. Having scarfed our way to the bottom of too many disappointing bags, we were reluctant to try yet another oddly flavored concoction. (Balsamic sweet onion? Pass.) But friends brought us around to trying Rylee’s Kettle Chips, whose bright, simple packaging hides not just a great snack – but a heart warming story, too.

Rick Jewell founded the Connecticut-based line of snacks and named them after his daughter, Rylee, who suffers from a neurological disorder called microcephaly. Very little about the cause of the disease is known but it affects almost twice as many children as autism. Jewell’s five year old has a severe case, which is the reason he started the snack line: a portion of the proceeds goes to the Foundation for Children with Microcephaly, which helps families and children who suffer from the disorder.

Yes, the tale is a sweet one, but the chips are pretty addictive to boot (we tore through three bags in one sitting). Gluten, cholesterol, and trans-fat free, they’re made without MSG and come in some crazy flavors (jalapeno, spicy dill pickle) as well as your standard variety mequite BBQ and salt and vinegar. All of which are sure to mesh perfectly with your next summer sandwich.

Find Rylee’s Kettle Chips at Sebastian’s and the House of Blues or online at ryleessnacks.com.