Tidbit: Superbiotic Pizza

Despite what they told us in college, we’ve never been convinced that your standard delivery joint greasy slice hits all the major food groups (though, we’ll admit, when eaten cold, it makes a fine breakfast). But after testing a few options from Brighton and Brookline’s newest takeout joint, Naked Pizza, we’re beginning to think that their Superbiotic pie (pictured) comes awfully close.

Topped with substantial chunks of artichokes, mushrooms, red and yellow peppers, onions, and a few generous fist fulls of spinach, this seemingly healthy slice of pie tastes more like a low-calorie, garden-sourced flat bread than actual pizza. We opted for the skinny crust, a cracker thin base that’s just crispy enough to give the slice some heft (can’t say the same for the gluten-free crust which had the mushy sensation of a wet cracker). And while we typically refrain from ordering cheese-and-garlic-slathered breadsticks from our corner pizza store, Naked’s whole-wheat version were rich with a densely chewy bite.

It’s a pricey commitment (a ten-inch, skinny crust superbiotic was just filling enough for one but set us back $13). But one that might be worth it when you get the convenience of eating well even when you’re ordering in.

Naked Pizza, 1331 Beacon St., Brookline, 617-232-2412; 433 Washington St., Brighton, 617-254-2457; nakedpizza.biz.