Chris Parsons to Close Parsons Table, Open Catch in Boston

Parsons Table

Parsons Table will likely shutter by early November. (Photo courtesy of Parsons Table)

Beloved Winchester locavore restaurant Parsons Table will likely close by early November, Chowder has learned. Chef Chris Parsons, who originally opened the restaurant as seafood destination Catch eight years ago before re-branding it, is planning to sell the space to Vittorio Ettore of Italian Medford spot Bistro 5, who plans to turn it into a new concept.

Sure, the shuttering of the restaurant is a huge bummer for Winchester residents, but there’s a big silver lining for Boston-dwelling Parsons Table fans — Parsons is thisclose to signing onto a Boston location for a 2.0 version of Catch (more quality seafood in Boston? Yes, please!). Per the release, Parsons is heading into the city in order to work under a larger roof. “To do the restaurant we want to do, we really need a bigger space,” Parsons says. “And, unfortunately, we just can’t make that work here at our present location.” We suspect that garnering foot traffic has something to do with it as well.

Parsons and Ettore will find out if the Parsons Table liquor license can be transferred at a selectmen hearing on September 26, and if this goes through, the transfer should take a couple of weeks — use the time wisely to try Parsons’ destination-worthy portobello and Swiss-topped burger and skilled charcuterie while you still can. As for the opening of Catch, Parsons is mum at this point; our best guess is sometime late this year or early next year.