Aquitaine Group to Open Italian-Leaning Spot at 500 Harrison Ave.

Ever since Rocca shuttered and left the space at 500 Harrison Ave. vacant, speculation arose about who would take over the prime locale. While the Aquitaine Group (Gaslight, Aquitaine, Union) recently copped to signing the lease, they’ve remained mum on their plans. Until yesterday, that is, when a new Twitter handle, @500Harrison, debuted and promised to reveal the “inspiration, creation and a sneak peak during the development of our latest restaurant.”

We just hung up with Aquitaine Group co-owner Jeffrey Gates, who confirms that @500Harrison is indeed the handle for the space, but it won’t be named 500 Harrison. “There’s no name forthcoming, not that I know of,” he tells Chowder. He’s still tight-lipped on most of the details, but says that the spot will likely be an Italian one, which is a departure from the Aquitaine Group’s more Gallic-leaning fare. But that’s all we’ve got for now: “We are still in the first trimester of our pregnancy so we don’t want to talk about it,” Gates says. “We’re not trying to be secretive, it’s just very early on.” For more updates, keep an eye on @500Harrison.

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