Your First Look at Parlor Sports, Bringing Whiskey Shots, Mexican Pretzels to Somerville

We’ve long loved Trina Starlite Lounge in Inman Square for its chill vibe, excellent cocktails, and awesomely greasy snacks like onion strings and pepperoni rolls. By the middle of next month, Trina’s will gain a sibling, as owners Trina and Beau Sturm, J. Bellao and Josh Childs will open a adjoining new space, called Parlor Sports. Chowder recently stopped by to check out the in-the-works new digs.

The idea for a sports bar was the fantasy of Beau Sturm and Bellao, and a smart solution for the additional parlor room that Trina’s kept next door, which was underutilized. “I think that sometimes when you have two separate spaces physically, when they are very similar, it can kind of dilute the experience,” Childs says. “We wanted to do something that was unique and different, that would bring other people to the area and to the space.” The two spaces will no longer be connected, and will require separate front entrances.

Anyone who has ever visited Trina’s parlor room will recognize the general shape and bar in Parlor Sports, but the addition of parquet-paneled walnut veneers on the walls—five of which contain red iconic sports paintings—and nine huge flat screens have given the spot a warmer, clubhouse feel. Booze-wise, Parlor Sports will focus on expanded beer and brown spirits lists (which means more beer + whiskey shot combos!) in lieu of the craft cocktails that its sibling is known for. Trina’s chef Suzi Maitland is at the helm of the food offerings, which features old favorites like chili dogs and gravy fries and new, more sports bar-friendly fare like garlic and Parmesan wings and spicy Mexican pretzels with salsa con queso dip. As of now, the Trina’s gang hopes Parlor Sports will open by mid-October–in the meantime, check out our preview photos above.

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