A Look at William Kovel's New Menu Changes at Catalyst

Catalyst Fireplace

The fireplace lounge is a great setting for some fried quail, no? (Photo courtesy of 451)

Although his new Area IV restaurant Catalyst opened less than a month ago, chef William Kovel is already changing up his menu. “We are tapering out of summer ingredients. Today we might have gotten our first frost in the suburb areas,” he tells Chowder. “Tomatoes and corn, while still awesome right now, some of the consistency levels and sugar levels start to waver at the end of the season because you get less sunlight and cooler temperatures.”

As a result, Kovel’s swapping out his corn ravioli for ones stuffed with Hen of the Woods mushrooms, and his tomato salad for an arugula and endive version that’s dressed up with Asian pear, walnuts and blue cheese. Flats of unripened green tomatoes have started to show up in his kitchen as well, which will be fried and served with peppers, aioli and pickles as an occasional add-on.

Kovel says that his favorite new dish is crispy, deep-fried quail that’s sweetened with a Black Mission fig gastrique and an Autumn Berry jam. Down the road, he also says to keep an eye out for pork, possibly served with sauerkraut and apples, and a plate of roast mutton with garlic, anchovies and rosemary. For a full list of new dishes to try right now, see below.


Arugula, Endive, Asian Pear, Walnut, Berkshire Blue Cheese, Whole Grain Mustard Vinaigrette.

Crispy Quail with Black Mission Fig Gastrique, Mizuna, Autumn Berry Jam

Jerusalem Sun Choke Soup, Lobster, Curry, Crème Fraiche

Caramelized Onion Soup, Raclette Toast, Roast Cippolini onions

Georgia Candy Roaster Squash Tortellini, Braised Escarole, Parmesan

Mushroom Ravioli, Hen of the Woods Mushrooms

(Catalyst, 300 Technology Square, Cambridge, 617-576-3000, catalystrestaurant.com)