Local Musicians Dish on Where They Go to Eat Their Hearts Out


Kingsley Flood, left; Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents, right.

Next Monday, music and food will converge at the Paradise Rock Club for this year’s installment of Eat Your Heart Out, a chef and musician-studded event that raises funds for organizations Zumix and Future Chefs (tickets can be purchased here for $35, which gets you a live performance plus fare from chefs like Suzi Maitland of Trina’s Starlite Lounge, Jamie Bissonnette of Toro and Coppa and Barry Maiden of Hungry Mother).

Headlining the event are bands Kingsley Flood and Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents; while we know that chefs tend to eat well, musicians need to eat, too. With this in mind, we challenged the bands to list their favorite spots for everything from late-night cheeseburger pizza to craveworthy gnocchi. We even learned a new vocab word, britches, which means “brunch riches,” of course. Herewith, how to eat like a Boston musician:

Late-night fuel-up:
“Anywhere in Chinatown. Nothing like dim sum and cold tea after midnight.”
-Naseem Khuri, Kingsley Flood

“The American cheeseburger pizza from Pizza Days [in Somerville].”
-Jenny Dee, Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents

Best Brunch:
East Coast Grill in Cambridge. Inman Square offers an embarrassment of britches (brunch riches). City Girl Cafe‘s Monte Cristo and roasted red bliss potatoes are a revelation. But East Coast Grill’s grits and banana rellena (with Inner Beauty Hot Sauce), put them over the top.”
-Nick Balkin, Kingsley Flood

Johnny D’s [in Somerville]. Catfish and eggs, yum!”
-Jenny Dee, Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents

Destiantion for Live Music:
The Rhumb Line in Gloucester. Great bar, great music (one of our first gigs was Monday night open jam), great people. Basically anything on the menu is great, though we get the chalkboard specials more than anything else. We’ve been playing there for a few years now, and need to keep going back.”
-Naseem Khuri, Kingsley Flood

Dive bar:
Sligo in Davis Square. You’d never think such a gem would be on the same street as nice Indian restaurants and a Starbucks. A true rough in the diamond. I recommend the beer.”
– Naseem, Kingsley Flood

“Nothing will ever beat The Rat (now shuttered) or Father’s Too in Kenmore Square for me, but I will always enjoy the vibe of The Plough & Stars [in Cambridge]. The Cuban at the Plough is amazing!”
-Jenny Dee, Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents

Ultimate Splurge:
Ten Tables, Jamaica Plain. Their autumn gnocchi with acorn squash, chestnuts, bacon, and nutmeg was one of the best meals I’ve ever ordered. I dream about it sometimes. Prices are actually totally reasonable for what you get, but, I mean, when you’re a musician Applebee’s is a splurge.”
– Nick Balkin, Kingsley Flood

JP Licks for a big sloppy sundae, Lil’ Vinny’s in Somerville for a carb/meat fest, and Bistro 5 in Medford for a romantic dinner, [where I get] the Bigoli ‘Sol y Sumbra’ (saffron and squid ink thick spaghetti, clams, calamari, baby octopus, green olives and plum tomatoes).”
-Jenny Dee, Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents

Most reliable:
Sofra in Cambridge. Once, before a show, we all contemplated our last meals (when you’re on tour and have nothing left to talk about, this sort of thing happens). People listed steak, lobster—you know, typical last meal fare. Mine was restaurant specific: Sofra. I’ve considered moving just to be closer to its mezze bar.”
– Nick Balkin, Kingsley Flood

“I can always find something awesome at Cambridge Common. Other go-tos are the Memphis ribs at Redbones or the veggie burger at Christopher’s [in Cambridge].”
-Jenny Dee, Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents

Best cocktails:
“I’m a sucker for Manhattans, and Deep Ellum in Allston not only has a fantastic whiskey menu, but a whole Manhattan menu as well. Amazing.”
– Jenée Morgan, Kingsley Flood

Guys’ night out:
“Considering I’m the sole female representative in the band, I have to put my foot down and ban ‘guys’ nights out.’ But, if there has to be one, I insist the guys go to Jacques Cabaret.”
– Jenée Morgan, Kingsley Flood

Night out with the band:
Byblos in Norwood. True Lebanese food; any mezze apps and mixed grill entrees (especially the kefta and chicken) will do the trick. And of course, there’s bellydancing on the weekends (note: not by us).”
– Naseem Khuri, Kingsley Flood

Captain Carlo’s in Gloucester. We get amazing fried seafood first, then we play three sets!”
-Jenny Dee, Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents

Best burger:
Charlie’s Kitchen in Harvard Square. When it says ‘double cheeseburger king’ on the sign outside, it means it. That with beer fries can’t be stopped. I used to go to Charlie’s three times a week and get my mix CDs in the jukebox. Still proud of that.”
-Naseem Khuri, Kingsley Flood

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