What's Next on Saus' Menu? You Decide.

By the early new year, Faneuil Hall frites and waffles haven Saus plans to give their tight menu a wider appeal, by rolling out a selection of additional wraps, sandwiches, salads, and, yes, beer (!!).

While the specific beers available haven’t been nailed down, co-owner Chin Kuo told me to expect about four Belgian (both American-style and imported) brews on draft, and about 10-12 by the bottle. There will also likely be Narraganset tall boys available, because really, it’s hard to rival its pairing with copious amounts of fried food.

Food-wise, some menu additions are fairly certain—co-owner Chin Kuo told me he plans to debut a beer-braised chicken sandwich topped with a green apple and cabbage slaw, chicken satay with a peanut “Pindasaus,” and a Liege-style potato salad, which a vinegar-based salad that also contains green beans and bacon.

Now here’s where you come in: Kuo is also debating adding two more menu items, and wants your opinion
—check them out below.

1. Sloppy Jacques: The filling is a sweet, sour and smoky sloppy joe-esque mixture containing ground beef, Belgian beer, onions, and bacon. It’s served on a griddled, crusty roll. I can tell you, having tasted this ‘wich, that it’s delicious—and as messy as it is good.

Sloppy Jacques

Photo by Leah Mennies

2. Vegetable Croquettes: These are a “healthier” option of sorts; the fried veggie balls contain potatoes, shredded carrots and cauliflower, and will be served with a yogurt-onion sauce. Kuo also plans on offering them in a wrap, topped with the sauce and a handful of greens.

Photo by Leah Mennies

Should Saus add the Sloppy Jaques or the Veggie Croquettes (or both) to their menu? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter (@ChowderBoston, @Saus_Boston).