An Update on Backbar, Opening in Union Square Next Week


Drink up at Backbar starting next week. (Photo courtesy of Facebook/Backbar)

In our October edition of Table Talk, I wrote about the then-unnamed Backbar, the new casual bar from the Journeyman team. I just hung up with Journeyman general manager Meg Grady-Troia, who filled me in on some new details about the concept—which will open to the public next week.

On the bar front, there’s some great talent—Sam Treadway, formerly of Drink, is at the helm, while another Drink alum, Bryn Tatton, will be tending bar as well. Rounding out the crew are Jeremiah Bernstein, who ran the bar at Middlesex, and Aaron Feder, who worked at Joshua Tree in Davis Square. Expect some fun signatures, and classic tipples as well.

As for what you’ll be eating? “We really want the food at Backbar to be comfort-oriented,” Grady-Troia says. To that end, Journeyman is going to nix their charcuterie selection, and instead offer a much broader list of charcuterie at the bar, while charcuterie selections, like duck ham, will also show up in a selection of daily-changing sandwiches. Fans of Journeyman’s summertime BBQ offerings at the Union Square market should also be jazzed, as the pulled pork and beef cheek sandwiches will likely show up on the menu as well. Backbar will be open to the public either next Wednesday or Thursday.

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