Details on Grillo's Pop-Up Pickle Shop, Coming Soon to Inman Square

grillo's pickles

Coming soon to Inman Square. (Photo courtesy of Flickr/snowpea&bokchoi)

Yesterday, Grillo’s Pickles honcho Travis Grillo tweeted that he’s planning to open a brick-and-mortar pickle shop. I just hung up with Grillo, who says that the venture will be a three-month pop-up shop just off of Prospect Street near Inman Square. Pending the pop-up’s success, he may go with a permanent location in the future.

While there will be some Grillo’s merch (think t-shirts), everything else will be all about the pickles. In addition to standard containers of the classic dill and spicy pickles you can find in local stores, he will also carry all the obscure pickle varieties that you normally have to head down to farmers markets to get your hands on: half-sours with lemon zest, carrots with dill, pearl onions, red seedless grapes with mint, red and golden beets, and asparagus.

For those seeking a quick fix, there will also be $1 two-for-one pickle spears on sale, just like at the Grillo’s Pickle cart. The pop-up will be up and running by the second week in January, and stick around until the end of March.

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