A Look at the Menu at Backbar, Open…..Now!

Photos by Charlotte Wilder

Last week, we filled you in on Backbar, a new casual bar concept from the Journeyman team. As of 4 p.m. this evening, the bar is officially open for business. For those who like to peruse the menu before heading in, we’ve got a look at an early copy—on the drinks front, there’s classics like a Plymouth gin martini and an Old Fashioned, as well as more modern twists like the Smoke N’ Coke, a play on a Bacardi Cuba Libre. Food-wise, there’s charcuterie, oyster shooters, and, perhaps best of all, fried pork cracklings—in my opinion, one of the ultimate bar snacks.

As evidenced by the photo above, ice in the drinks will be hand-chipped—Backbar isn’t messing around. Check out the new menu below (click for the full-sized photo), and stay tuned for a lengthier look at the space’s design next week.

backbar menu

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