What's Brewing: Pretty Things Launches St. Winifrede

Learn more about the roasty brown lager, and find out where to try it tonight.

Behold the new label for Lovely Saint Winefride, which debuts today. (All art courtesy of Pretty Things)

Somerville’s omnipresent gypsy brewers Pretty Things are adding a new beer to their roster today: St. Winifrede. The roasty brown lager (which owners Dann and Martha Paquette suspect is the only brown lager on the market) was named after a Welsh lass whose spurned suitor chopped her head off back in the 7th century. Legend has it that after Winifrede’s uncle managed to put her dome piece back onto her body, she came back to life. Huzzah!

The Lovely St. Dannifrede.

According to Wikipedia, these days St. Winnie is the “unofficial patron saint of payrolls and payroll clerks.” Wait, what?!

“The flavor is really amazing on this beer,”says Martha. “It’s malty, but also light and clean like a lager. It’s got bitter dark chocolate, dryish with a firm bitterness.” So tip your hat to the paycheck gods before you leave work today to try the new brew at tonight’s St. Winifrede launch party at Brick & Mortar. But until then, enjoy the lovely video about St. Winifrede below.

5 p.m. ‒ 8 p.m., Brick & Mortar, 569 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 617-491-5599, prettythingsbeertoday.com.