Brew Review: Pretty Things' St. Winifrede

Our tasting notes from Pretty Things' latest seasonal launch.

Of course, I had to pose behind the headless abbess. Heads up! (Photograph by Tony Porreca).

As we reported yesterday, Pretty Things just launched their newest seasonal beer, St. Winifrede, at Brick & Mortar in Central Square last night. In the name of research, I headed over to check it out.

So how was it? A full goblet’s worth of deliciousness. The new brown lager — fermented for 55 days — is roasty on the nose and both malty and brown sugary on the palate. And even though the brew is named after a headless abbess, the beer itself has a head that’s quite lovely — an effervescent foam that’s neither overbearing nor insignificant: it’s just right. The mouthfeel is also well-rounded: St. Winnie’s robust hoppiness is counterbalanced with a medium body, followed by a lingering, dry finish. The balance between sweet and bitter appeals to my Libran sensibilities of balance, while my beer-schwilling partner-in-crime declared that something about the taste reminded him Dogfish Head’s Ta Henket.

Have you tried St. Winifrede? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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