Boston's Most Powerful People: Restaurants

Forget smoke-filled rooms: These days, the city's power brokers meet out in the open. You just need to know where to look.

Neighborhood stop ... and power player favorite, Doyle's Cafe. (Photo courtesy of Doyle's.)

When we ranked Boston’s 50 most powerful people in this month’s The Power Complex, we also found out where they’re eating while they wheel and deal. So forget those smoke-filled rooms of old: these days, the city’s power brokers meet out in the open all around you. Here’s where to look.

Eastern Standard
A hot spot for Red Sox management, this Kenmore Square staple is where Theo Epstein officially rejoined the team in 2006 (before leaving again).

Met Back Bay
Socialites lunch, drink, and while the days away at this suburban chain’s Newbury location.

Doyle’s Cafe
Boston’s political scene is no longer dominated by only Irish Catholics, but this 130-year-old restaurant remains an important stop for baby-kissing politicians.

Here, Harvard-visiting bigwigs help broker world peace — in a private back room, of course.