The Ultimate Guide to Craft Beer in New England

We rate the 15 best microbrews in New England — and then celebrate all things beer.

Photo by Sam Kaplan

Photo by Sam Kaplan

Let Napa have its wineries, Scotland its single-malt spirits. Here in New England, our cups runneth over with porters, IPAs, and session ales. With 40 members in the Massachusetts Brewers Guild alone, not to mention scores of brewers in Vermont and Maine, we’re practically swimming in small-batch suds. In fact, there’s a whole ecosystem of local farms, brewers, and pubs that exist solely for the purpose of putting a cold, lovingly made pint in your hand. Get ready to tip one back.

The Best Craft Beer in New England

We tasted samples from 33 of our finest regional breweries to find our favorite beers in 15 styles, from refreshing light lagers to kick-you-in-the-teeth imperial ales. These picks were heads above the rest.


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