Is Alfresco in Davis Square Turning Into a New Restaurant?

The windows are papered over, the phone has been disconnected, and there's rumblings of a replacement.

Is Alfresco's becoming a new restaurant? (Photo courtesy of Yelp/Ligaya T.)

Alfresco, a Davis Square Italian spot with a wildly popular brunch, may be closing and re-concepting, it seems. Per a post on a Davis Square Livejournal forum (yes, it appears that one does indeed exist): “Alfresco restaurant, at the corner of Highland and Cutter avenues, has all of its doors and windows papered over. A sign on the front door says ‘Closed for Minor Improvements. Sorry for any Inconvenience…'” The phone has been temporarily disconnected as well.

But wait, there’s more. According to a Craigslist post today, a new restaurant will soon be opening in the same space (382 Highland Ave.), and will feature “a unique mix of fresh, organic and local ingredients” plus a beer list that “highlights New England craft with classic and vintage brews” (and what they mean by “vintage” beers, we are not entirely sure).

If it’s a wholly new restaurant coming to the area, well, then, it’s yet another choosing to make Somerville its home—and if the concept is from the same owners as Alfresco, it’s likely that they are trying to keep up with the rapid changes in the area. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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