Sel de la Terre to Debut a Late Night Korean Noodle Bar

The Banchan bar menu, debuting next week, contains Korean fried chicken, bulgogi pizza, and short rib-stuffed steam buns.

Your new late-night noodle digs. Photo courtesy of SDLT.
Riding on the success of Boston’s recent ramen craze, Sel de la Terre will get in on the action starting next week with a late-night “Late Night Seoul Kitchen”* menu, available from Tuesdays through Sundays at 10 p.m. The timing is actually perfect for weekday after-hours noodle slurpers (we know you’re out there), since Uni recently announced that they’ll be curtailing their offerings to Fridays and Saturdays only during the summer.
The inspiration for the new menu comes from L’Espalier pastry chef Jiho Kim, who was born in Korea and recently presented a Korean tasting menu at the SDLT Long Wharf’s closing chef series. While there will be ramen, of course, you can also expect udon and somen noodles plus booze-soaking items like gyoza-wrapped, double-fried Korean-style chicken wings, short rib and kimchi-stuffed steamed buns, and pizza-like tarts with rich toppings like bulgogi, bone marrow, and caramelized onions. Items will be gently priced, ranging from $7.50 (buns) to $10 (noodles), and Asian beers and sparkling sakes will be on hand to wash it all down.
Does the new noodle house menu seem a little me-too given recent events? Maybe, but with talent like McClelland and Kim behind it, we’ll happily be downing an Asian bone marrow pizza ASAP.
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*Update: since the post first ran this afternoon, the name of the late-night menu has been changed from Banchan Noodle Bar to Late Night Seoul Kitchen