Best Burgers in Boston

Over the past few years, Boston has witnessed an explosion of great new spots dedicated to that king of casual eats, the hamburger. From laid-back joints that keep it simple — juicy patties on a good bun — to upscale eateries that serve up fancified takes on the humble classic, this city has gone wild for burgers.

Edited by Leah Mennies. Photos by Sam Kaplan.

boston best burgers

Photo by Sam Kaplan.

Boston’s Best Burgers

We spent months devouring every burger we could get our hands on in this town, rating them on the meatiness of their patties, the creativity of their toppings, and, really, just their degree of awesomeness. Here, we present the city’s 12 best burgers, broken down by category.


burger chefs

Photo by Sam Kaplan.

What’s Your Beef?

Whether because of a tight kitchen space or a limited menu, these local chefs have remained patty-free. To satisfy our curiosity, we asked them: “if you were serving a burger, what would it look like?”

make your own burger

Photo by Sam Kaplan.

How to Make Your Burger More Awesome

Step up your BBQ game with these expert-approved ingredients.


Photo by Sam Kaplan.

Fancy Fries

Burgers aren’t the only thing going upscale around here. Check out these great takes on the simple french fry.


Photo by Sam Kaplan.

Brine Time

How Travis Grillo turned the burger’s best pal — the pickle — into a cult sensation.


Burger Kings
Chefs at some of the city’s finest eateries have started turning out burgers for the masses. Is the trend here to stay?

The Ultimate Franken-Burger
Crafted with ingredients from local restaurants and gourmet shops, our perfect burger would look a little something like this.

Burger Buzz
Whether you’re at a pub, a swanky restaurant, or a cookout, these pairings from three local beverage experts will help you make the most of your burger experience.