Four Loko, Pop Rocks, and Absinthe to Dominate Next Chef Louie Night

The latest Chef Louie Night event will be a bit more, well, unusual.

Want some Four Loko with your foie gras? (Photo courtesy of Flickr/RollingOkie)

If you’ve ever tried to use mystery ingredients from your kitchen to make a meal (out of necessity, after a Chopped marathon, whatever), or if you have vivid childhood memories of culinary masterpieces made of marshmallows, ketchup, uncooked spaghetti and anything your parents hid on the top shelf, you probably remember two things: how fun it was, and how gross the results were.

Luckily, those of us with experimental inclinations can stop ruining all our leftovers and eat some completely unique cuisine at Chef Louie Night’s newest event: “Don’t Try This at Home,” which takes place at the BCAE on July 15.  Unlike the last Chef Louie Night’s universally delicious “Bacon and Beer” event, this time Storyville chef Louis DiBiccari and his teammates Samuel Monseur (jm Curley) and Michael Sutton (O Ya) will push the envelope with food themes ranging from “Wicked Hot” to “Totally Raw.”

During the event, the team will create an off-the-cuff four-course meal for the 60 event attendees, and there are a few twists. Up until the morning of the event, diners can vote for some last minute “special ingredients,” leaving the chefs to scramble at the last minute. With the list including Pop Rocks, Four Loko, Absinthe, and foie gras (among others), it certainly is a wild-card batch.

The team has also released some sneak-peek footage of the chefs picking up some strange meat for the meal (marinated yak skewers and turtle pot pie included):

Those too scared (or too broke) to attend can observe the madness from a safe distance, as the entire event will be broadcast on their YouTube channel in nearly real time.

To put in my two cents, I hope everyone votes for the Four Loko…I’ve always thought it would make an exquisite marinade. But that’s just me. (tickets are $75 for general admission, $95 for the chef’s table, and $125 for the “full experience,” which allows diners to help out in the kitchen) —by Rachel Amico

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