Burger Mania Continues at Boston Magazine

The Radius burger, one of our July issue picks. Photo by Sam Kaplan.

In our current issue, we tell you everything you need to know about hamburgers in Boston, from the best burgers in 12 different categories to tips for grilling at home. And this week—as promised—we revealed our Best of Boston pick for the top overall burger: the grilled onion and Comte cheese-topped masterpiece from Lineage in Brookline.

So those are our picks on the editorial side of Boston magazine. But to give you a voice in the debate, our marketing department has organized a forum for you sing the praises of your favorite meat-on-bun creations—the Battle of the Burger, which culminates on August 7th with a big bash at the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal in South Boston. I’ll be on hand to judge an amateur home-griller contest (and stuff my face, obviously).

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