Anthony Bourdain to Team Up with T.W. Food at Symphony Hall

This November, the Kitchen Confidential personality be in town for a storytelling evening called "Guts and Glory."

Image courtesy of T.W. Food.


On November 16, beloved culinary curmudgeon Anthony Bourdain (of No Reservations) fame will appear at Symphony Hall for an evening called “Guts and Glory.”

The official local restaurant sponsor of the event will be T.W. Food, though it’s unclear at this point what that means. (Will chef/owner/guitarist Tim Wiechmann shred onstage with Bourdain? Will the TV star be swinging by the Huron Village restaurant for its popular jazz brunch? So many questions!)

Per an email from T.W. Food, Bourdain will “[share] stories and muse on the place of food in our lives.” For anyone that’s watched his show or read his books, you know that means a raucous time. Presale tickets (use the password “foodie,” $35-$200) for the event are available here. (And we’ll keep you posted as to more event details).

**Update: Per an email from Tim Wiechmann, T.W. Food will be “cooking the VIP party afterwards.”

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