First Sip: Emerald Lounge in Boston

The craft cocktails at Wizard of Oz-themed Emerald Lounge fall flat. We'll be following the yellow brick road in another direction.

review: emerald lounge in boston

Photo by Ekaterina Smirnova

The Vibe

This glowing green space has a Wizard of Oz feel. But don’t come dressed like a movie-set extra: “Sorry, no shorts allowed,” a hostess told our male companion on an early Friday evening (when the bar was near empty). We were let in, but only because “security hadn’t arrived yet.”

The Menu
While our server described the libations over and over as “craft cocktails,” they fell mostly flat. The gin-based “Ten Thyme Smash” ($12) lacked the herbaceous flavor its name promised, while the signature “Emerald Punch” ($12) tasted like boozy Hi-C. One winner? The “Boston Shandy” ($12, pictured above), a refreshing blend of whiskey, honey syrup, apple cider, and Shipyard Export ale. Decent but pricey snacks like thick battered shrimp ($15), tiny lobster rangoons with a sugary chili sauce ($15), and Southwest beef sliders ($15) served their purpose as booze-soaking fare.

The Verdict
Those who enjoy dressing to the nines and mingling may find luck here—but we’d rather click our heels and head elsewhere.

200 Stuart St., Boston, 617-457-2626,