Via Matta alum Michael Pagliarini to Open “Giulia” in Cambridge

The large, Umbria-inspired place will be located between Harvard and Porter Square.

Expect a whole lotta pasta from Via Matta alum Michael Pagliarini (photo courtesy of Facebook/Via Matta)

Chef Michael Pagliarini, formerly at the helm of Michael Schlow’s Back Bay Italian restuarant Via Matta, will be striking out on his own this fall with Giulia, an Italian restaurant that will be opening between Harvard and Porter Squares in Cambridge.

It’s a large restaurant space (2,000 sq. feet, to be exact) with 70 seats, and was inspired by Pagliarini’s family’s roots as farmers in Umbria. The main focus will be pasta—an entire table will be devoted to making all different varieties from scratch during the day, and will serve as a chef’s table during the evening.

“We’ll strive to blend all the elements you’ve come to expect from today’s best restaurants, from locally and sustainably sourced ingredients, craft cocktails, and a chef/owner presence nightly, so that you can simply enjoy your evening with us and the company of those dining with you,” Pagliarini says per the release. “The most distinguishing element of Giulia will be its handmade pasta—on any given night, Giulia will offer a wide selection that varies in size, shape and flour type, all cooked to order in small batches. Gluten-free options will also be available.” The restaurant will also boast a full bar with bar snacks and an all-Italian wine list.

As of now, the restaurant is slated for a mid-October opening. We will keep you posted as we learn more.

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