Your Plan of Attack for the Boston Local Food Festival This Weekend

From seafood throwdowns to DIY lessons, here's what to expect from the monster food fest this year.

Clear your schedule on Sunday. Photo courtesy of the Boston Local Food Festival.

This Sunday, over 100 local food vendors will converge at the Rose Kennedy Greenway to celebrate all things homegrown at the third annual Boston Local Food Festival.

With an appetizing combination of demos from local chefs, a large-scale farmer’s market, and—of course—all sorts of goods from nearby farms, restaurants, and specialty stores, the festival, which lasts from 11 a.m.-5 p.m.,  is guaranteed to be a good time. Of course, it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed which this much going on—which is why (lucky you!) we’re here to provide a game plan for the day, ahead. -By Caroline Hatano

Brewfest (Friday 10/5)
Kick off the weekend on Friday with the 3rd Annual Local Craft Brewfest at the HarborPark—the local food festival’s ticketed event for more mature merrymakers. Sip top-notch offerings from local brewers, vintners, and distillers while sampling grub from vendors like the Boston Burger Company and Taza Chocolate. The event features high-profile brewers like Harpoon Brewery, as well more niche companies like Clown Shoes.

Cooking Lessons from Local Chefs
Throughout the day Sunday, local chefs including Chloe Martin of Ula Cafe and Patrick Soucy of Ceia Kitchen will take to the stage to demonstrate their expertise, from different uses for fresh pumpkin from the farmer’s market, to how to best butcher and cook a whole lamb. The first demo of the day, at 11 a.m., promises attendees the “Simple steps to making a perfect risotto outdoors—It CAN be done by the camp fire.” Watch Dane Tullock of Cooking in the Great Outdoors tackle the notoriously tricky dish with no more than crude camp cooking equipment and his bare hands.

Learn how to DIY
Stop by the DIY Booths to watch fellow Bostonians share their knowledge about crafty topics like making your own beer or keeping chickens in your backyard (although courteous apartment-dwellers might want to reconsider attending the latter). Find new ways to keep things as local as possible with demos on composting at home and seasonal eating habits.

Seafood Throwdown
Due to our close proximity to the water, it seems we’ve gotten some sort of seafood reputation (or something). Witness a culinary duel between the Boston Children’s Hospital’s Chef Colin Targett and Beth Israel’s Chef Akeisha Hayde. The two Newbury College Culinary Arts grads will have $25 and 75 minutes to buy ingredients to cook a dish using a mystery from-the-sea ingredient. Five judges will decide whose cooking prowess will win them a prize (or bragging rights).

Crop Share with a Cause
On your way out, stop by the crop share table, hosted alongside South Boston Grows and The Food Project, to drop off any produce you or your community has grown. All items will be donated to local food pantries at the end of the day in an effort to provide fresh food for all.

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