50 Best Restaurants in Boston 2012

Find out which restaurants made our annual top 50 list, take closer looks at the winners, meet five chefs flying solo, and more.

Edited by Leah Mennies

50 best restaurants 2012 main list

The 50 Best Restaurants 2012

We’ve spent the past six months in search of this city’s most spectacular dining experiences. Here, we present our findings, Boston’s very best restaurants.


50 best restaurants 2012 closer look

A Closer Look

 For six of the restaurants on our 2012 list, we go a step further by showing you what makes them outstanding.


50 best restaurants 2012 by the numbers

By the Numbers

A data-driven look at how the 50 best restaurants stack up.


50 best restaurants 2012 flying solo

Flying Solo

These talented chefs have each recently opened (or will soon) a new restaurant that has a chance to land on next year’s 50 Best list.

Behind the Scenes: Creating the Cover
Watch a time-lapse video of chalk artist Catherine Owens creating the cover art for The 50 Best Restaurants 2012.