Presenting the Layout of Bee's Knees, Bringing Gourmet Everything to Fort Point

You've heard about the forthcoming food emporium. Now take a look at what's in store.

A snapshot of the Bee’s Knees floor plan, courtesy of Bee’s Knees. See below for a link to the full-sized version.

Back in October, we told you about the pending arrival of Bee’s Knees Supply Co., a gourmet megastore coming to Fort Point courtesy of M3 founder Jason Owens. Today, we’ve got a closer look at the whole project, which we hear is now on track for a January opening. In the link below, get a peek at the staggering floor plan, which contains a designated charcuterie area, chocolate shop-soda fountain hybrid, epic cheese counter, and butcher shop/seafood counter. And then get excited.

Bees Knees Floor Plan

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