Your Ultimate Last-Minute Gift Guide, Food-Edition

Have you slacked on getting gifts for your culinary-minded friends? Thankfully, you have us in your corner.

Stuck on a gift? Try holiday-themed bonbons from EHChocolatier. Photo by Lauren Ferrone Svenson

In our current issue of the magazine, we offer up a killer list of gift ideas from around the city. Unfortunately for the food-obsessed, though (us included), said list didn’t include gifts for culinary-minded folk.  But don’t worry: we’ve done a little extra digging, and below have a list of delicious sweets, great booze and handy kitchen accessories that any food geek would want under the tree (or as a belated Hanukkah gift). —by Samantha Wood


Night Shift’s Beer CSA
Night Shift Brewing offers a chance to participate in the Night Shift Barrel Society, which works the same as a farm’s CSA, but with beer. Members pay for a year’s membership, which includes seven barrel-aged beers (two bottles of each beer), two exclusive drinking glasses, and two tickets to an end-of-the-year Night Shift Barrel Society Party. It is, quite literally, the gift that keeps on giving.
$250, available at

Street Maps Carafe
Nothing says Boston like a carafe etched with the streets of Beantown and its historical significance outlined around the glass. The 24 oz. container can be used for anything, including a bed-side water container. But the best way to show it off is to fill it with a bottle of wine (a full 25.4 bottle will fit once you’ve taken that first drink). Pair the carafe with a bottle of wine and you have a candlelit night in the making.
$50, available at The Boston Shaker, 69 Holland Street, Somerville, 617-718-2999,

“Holly-Daze” Urban Sampler from The Urban Grape
The Urban Grape makes it easy to try a variety of vinos with a sampler pack, which consists of four different wines, including a sparkling wine from New Mexico and a red Burgundy made from grapes harvested in the villages of Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits.
$50 for the sampler, available at the Urban Grape, 303 Columbus Ave., Boston, 857-250-2509,

Bully Boy Whiskey
Got a whiskey enthusiast on your Christmas list this year? Treat them to Bully Boy’s first aged spirit, American Straight Whiskey. Hand-produced with traditional stilling methods, this new (or should we say old?) whiskey is comprised primarily of corn, rye, and malted barley and is aged in new American Oak, which makes for a sweet, spicy, caramel, and nutty finish.
$39, available at Boston Wine Exchange, 181 Devonshire St., Boston, 617-422-0100,

Pretty Things Swag
As part of their fourth birthday, in addition to the release of four Once Upon a Time beers, Pretty Things is adding a free tote with the purchase of four bottles of Pretty Things to help you carry all your booze. The Once Upon a Time ales are brewed with recipes from London breweries, and date all the way back to 1832, 1838, 1855, 1901, and 1945. It’s a history lesson that beats sitting in history class any day.
$9-14 range, available next Friday, Dec. 14 at Central Bottle Wine and Provisions, 196 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 617-225-0040,


EH Chocolatier Bonbons
For those that can appreciate the power of a good truffle (especially in festive flavors like ginger, peppermint or honey caramel), you can’t go wrong with one of EH Chocolatier’s Holiday Bonbon Collections. Or, for serious chocolate fiends, try the winter season CSC, which can be picked up either monthly or bi-weekly at these locations.
$12.95-45.95 for the bonbons, $20 for a CSC share, available at EH Chocolatier, 561 Windsor St. B-206, Somerville.

Homemade (by someone else) Cookies
Don’t have time to make Christmas cookies for your friends this year? Order some instead. The homemade creations from ‘Chief Baking Officer’ at Cow and Crumb, Hilary Koloski, include flavors like peanut butter pretzel, spice girl, and classic chocolate chip.
$12 for a half dozen and $14 for a dozen. Samplers are also available starting at $22. Available at,

Non-Dairy Ice Cream
Trying to satisfy a vegan friend’s sweet tooth? Then FoMu has exactly what you need. From a more conservative vanilla bean to the holiday special VeggNog, your vegan (and non-vegan) friends will love a pint of this stuff. We swear.
$7 per pint, 481 Cambridge St., Allston, 617-903-3276,


Small-Batch Jams
Use a jar of gooseberry or Black Mission fig jam from JP-based Whisk to accompany a plate of Christmas cookies (or wedge of cheese).
$8.50–$10.50, available at whiskboston.comor at Yaniel Supermarket, 71 Day St., Jamaica Plain.

Grillo’s Pickles
Who doesn’t appreciate a little salty snack like pickles? Every Boston home cook should have a jar of Grillo’s Pickles, an 80-year-old recipe from founder Travis Grillo’s Italian grandfather. Cucumbers brined in vinegar with garlic and fresh dill are the perfect complement to any sandwich, tuna salad, or tartar sauce, or just as a snack for the holiday season (and the rest of the year).
$8.99, available at Foodie’s Urban Market, 1421 Washington St., Boston.

Chinese-Inspired Sauces
Homemade from the kitchen of East by Northeast Chef Phillip Tang, these jarred sauces will add a bite to sandwiches, salads and dips. If you want something a little more luxe, order the ExNE holiday gift box, which includes green chili vinegar, sesame mustard sauce, cola, and ginger syrup.
$7-9 each, $35 for package, available at East by Northeast (call in advance at 617-876-0286).

Grill and Oven Thermometers
Lower the stress of cooking a holiday roast with a meat thermometer. This set from Rosle Kitchen Tools makes it easy to determine the internal temperature steak, poultry, lamb, pork, and beef.
$37, available at Local Root, 221 Concord Ave, Cambridge, 617-354-2400,

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