Details on El Centro Dos, Coming to Brookline at the End of This Month

The popular South End Mexican restaurant will soon be gaining a Brookline sibling.

ElCentro1El Centro owner Allan Rodriguez with a plank of wood that will become the sink at El Centro Dos in Brookline. Photos courtesy of Allan Rodriguez. 

As soon as the end of this month, Brookline will be gaining an outpost of the South End’s El Centro (called, naturally, El Centro Dos). “I wanted to bring a piece of my Mexico to Brookline after a successful two years in the South End,” says owner Allan Rodriguez in the press release. “The Boston area has a lot of ‘authentic’ Mexican restaurants, but they aren’t the type of restaurants you find in Mexico.”

Like at his original, he’s hoping to keep the new location as traditional as possible, relying on multiple visits to Mexico (he’s originally from Hermasillo, in the Sonora region of the country) to stock up on spices, recipe tips, and decor for the new location.

ElCentro2A stand in a Southern Mexican village, where Rodriguez purchased spices for the forthcoming restaurant.

Food-wise, there will be dishes quite similar to the original El Centro (the menu will be about “90% the same” as the original, Rodriguez told me on the phone): guacamole with chorizo, sopes, enchiladas, and camarones papantla (bacon-wrapped shrimp) are just a few examples of what’s in store. The biggest difference will be in the beverage program. The new location has a full liquor license, so yes, this means margaritas, flavored sangrias, and micheladas, but also more craft-style cocktails based around spirits like mezcal.

The restaurant is scheduled to open the last week of April, and will be located at 236 Washington Street. El Centro Dos should be a great addition to the Brookline food scene, which currently only boasts more fast-casual style spots (like Dorado Tacos and Cemitas and Anna’s Taqueria, both admittedly awesome) when it comes to Mexican eats.

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