Say Prost! to Bronywn, Opening This Evening in Somerville

At long last, Tim Wiechmann's new German restaurant is opening this evening. Here's a preview of the menu.


images courtesy of bronwyn

We told you back in April 2012 that Bronwyn, the second restaurant from T.W. Food chef Tim Wiechmann and his wife, Bronwyn (name make sense now?), would be opening in Somerville’s Union Square (at 255 Washington Street). And then, in October, we shared a preview of the restaurant’s veritable sausage fest of a menu. And then, in November, Wiechmann uttered the words “Handcut Swabian Käsespätzle with house-cured bacon” in an interview about the forthcoming German eatery. (So, if you couldn’t tell by now that we’re excited about this restaurant, then perhaps we’re not doing our job properly.)

Now, just over a year after our first announcement, it’s finally time to experience Bronwyn for yourself. While we were initially told that the place would be an amalgam of the cuisines of Germany, Austria, and Northern Italy, the opening menu seems to lean more heavily on the German side of things, a fact that we are not complaining about (thanks to dishes like pretzels with roasted apple mustard, Bavarian cheese dip, and Reisling-spiked sauerkraut). Nerd out over the whole thing ahead (and we’ll see you in the dining room).

bronwynmenu1 Bronwynmenu2