Vocab Lesson: Txakolí

(Pronounced: cha-co-lee)


Photo by Scott M. Lacey

Featuring grapes grown on slopes in Spain’s Basque Country, these fresh, slightly frizzante wines are low in alcohol, making them the perfect complement to a balmy day at the beach or a leisurely afternoon on the patio. “It’s sort of the trifecta of refreshment,” says Lauren Friel, the wine director at Oleana. “It’s got tart, citrus-driven acidity, so it’s snappy on your palate; it’s light-bodied with a little spritz, so it’s ridiculously easy to drink; and it’s fresh and mineral, so the finish is clean and uplifting.”

Lauren Friel’s Txakolí Tasting Notes

Ameztoi Rosé

“The Ameztoi rosé is more or less ubiquitous in Boston. It’s what everyone clamors for, and for good reason: It’s delicious, with notes of candied watermelon, grapefruit pith, and chalk. It’s no-frills quaffing.”

$22, available at Central Bottle wine + provisions.

Txomin Etxaniz

“Of all the txakolí in the Boston market right now, it’s definitely the most luscious and tropical. The acidity is still there, but it’s rounder and more silky—not the zippy, tight mineral acidity of its brethren. You’ll find notes of ripe peach, guava, and pineapple.”

$27, available at Central Bottle wine + provisions.