Tasty Burger Serves Up Fried Cheeseburger Special

The meat and bun are dipped in batter and then tossed into the deep-fryer. Happy July 4, America.

Photo via Facebook.com

Photo via Facebook.com

There has been breakfast sandwiches using donuts as the bread, jamming fried eggs and meat inside, and lobsters sold at discount prices out of a Walgreens location in downtown Boston. And now, locals can add another food oddity to the list: a burger completely engulfed in batter and deep-fried to perfection.

As part of an ongoing series of specials being offered at Tasty Burger locations in Boston and Cambridge, the restaurant today announced their latest concoction, a cheeseburger, rolled in a batter, and then tossed in a deep-fryer until it’s golden brown. There is so much batter encapsulating the meat and bun, that the actual meal inside isn’t even visible to the naked eye.

Called “The State Fair,” likely because it is reminiscent of the fried dough people usually eat when attending a carnival—or anything else that can be deep fried for that matter— the company recommends people pair it with a Pabst Blue Ribbon to wash it all down—if they can finish it, that is. “Very yummy, enough said,” Tasty Burger representatives wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

The invention got a host of reactions—mostly positive—with people curious about trying the balled-up burger. But a few were skeptical about trying something that is bound to be fattening and packed with more calories than your average cheeseburger. “That’s terrifying,” one person wrote.

Tasty Burger, which currently has two locations in Boston, and one in Cambridge, has been trying a lot of new things lately. Beyond their daily specials, they have been working on opening up a fourth restaurant in Central Square, and are currently going through the permitting process to do so. Tasty Burger also launched a new iPhone app and in-house delivery service for customers in South Boston, and they have been delivering food in specialized mini-coolers to people laying around on the beaches in that area.