Mainers Created a Lobster Doughnut Because Of Course They Did

It's the latest creation from the Holy Donut in Portland.


Via the Bangor Daily News

A cutting-edge report in the Bangor Daily News uncovers a new food item that may just be the deep-fried collusion of every hot trend* in America: the lobster doughnut. Sorry, we’ll go slower this time so you can savor it: The … lobster…. doooooughnut. The doughnut, created by Leigh Kellis, owner of the Holy Donut (get it?) in Portland, incorporates a potato based dough, lobster meat, and some herbs into a savory pastry. In addition to being probably maybe definitely delicious, it unites all of the trends: New England’s desire to produce all the lobster products (think the U.S.S. Lobstitution or lobster popovers), and America’s desire to make sensational doughnut mashups, like doughnut ice cream sandwiches, doughnut breakfast sandwiches, cronuts, and dossants. (Kellis has, thankfully, resisted a twee portmanteau for her creation in favor of “lobster donut.” Maybe because “lobnut” sounds vaguely PG-13.) There it is: every trend in America. (Ok, so the lobster donut doesn’t tie into the “men are wearing more dad jeans” trend, but for that we can be thankful.)

*”Hot trends” are determined by a certain Boston magazine staffer with a weird interest in both lobsters and doughnuts.