Pasta, Pronto

pasta maker

Photograph by Bruce Peterson / Styling by Rowena day/ennis

The hearty farro casarecce at Giulia. The bell-shaped campanelle at Coppa. The savory rye mafalde at Craigie on Main. The petite gnocchetti at Steel & Rye. What do these noodles have in common? They’re all the product of the Rolls-Royce of pasta makers—and new chef favorite—the Arcobaleno pasta extruder. With the flick of a switch, the machine mixes dough from flour and water and then expels it from a bronze die into more than 100 rustic shapes. The restaurant-size tabletop extruders—which are crafted in Italy and then sold through the Pennsylvania-based company Arcobaleno—start at $4,900, but they save a chef that most precious of  resources: time. The EX-18 model pictured here, for instance, can produce up to 18 pounds of pasta in an hour. Enterprising home chefs can get in on the action as well, with the EX-10, a petite model that starts at $2,900 and can produce 14 different types of pasta. It’s guaranteed to be a show­stopper at your next dinner party.