Supper Crust: Hearty Lamb Pies from Park and KO Catering and Pies

Flaky pies bursting with fresh berries and stone fruits are the best desserts of summer. Come fall and winter, when peak-season fruits are on the wane, we still turn to rich pies—but as the main course. Filled with braised lamb, root vegetables, and spices, these warm, savory versions do the trick with hearty panache—at both price points, no less.


Lamb and feta pie, $16 at Park (left). Lamb shank pie, $6.50 at Ko Catering and Pies (right). (Photograph by Paul Saraceno)

Lamb-and-Feta Pie, $16, Park: Homemade pie crust, smoked lamb breast, carrots, parsnips, sheep’s milk-feta, Madeira (meat pies change daily).

Lamb-Shank Pie, $6.50, Ko Catering and Pies: Homemade pie crust, lamb shank, carrots, green beans, celery, peas, red wine, beef stock.