Covering the Spread: Pimiento Cheese Dip from Cutty’s in Brookline

cutty's brookline pimiento cheese dip

Photograph by Bruce Peterson. Styling by Molly Shuster/Team.

Chips and dip are a classic combination that will forever transcend the tedium of food snobbery. When paired with a bag of Lay’s, even French onion dip of the Lipton-soup-mix variety can be a thing of beauty, particularly with a beer in hand and the Pats on TV. That said, with minimal effort it’s possible to elevate the snacking experience to a higher echelon. To wit: the pimiento cheese dip from sandwich haven Cutty’s. A made-from-scratch take on the classic southern variety, this spread combines shredded sharp Cabot cheddar, pimiento peppers, spices, and good old-fashioned Hellmann’s, a recipe owners Charles and Rachel Kelsey cribbed from a Tennessean pal. You can buy it by the 8-ounce container on weekdays, Saturdays, and select Sundays—just add a bowl of sturdy kettle-style chips or a sleeve of saltines, and it’ll be ready to go before kickoff.

Pimiento cheese, $7 for 8 ounces, Cutty’s, 286 Washington St., Brookline, 617-505-1844,