Man Food: The Super Cluckin’ Fried Chicken Sandwich at Cutty’s

You'll want to brave the line (and the elements) for this one.


Photo by Katie Chudy

Starting at 10 one Sunday morning a month, the folks at Cutty’s in Brookline Village offer up one sandwich and one sandwich only: the Super Cluckin’ Fried Chicken Sandwich. Waiting in line is pretty much a guarantee, and it would behoove you to get there bright and early since it’s a foregone conclusion that they will run out (usually in the early afternoon). Outside, the line doesn’t exactly move at a lightning speed, but the people-watching is well worth the wait. People behind recap the events of the night before, and seemingly a good chunk of the customers possibly imbibed in excess hours prior. You can hear every new person that joins the back of the line because of the audible sigh that echoes through the streets as they know they are in it for the long haul.

Once you do get in through the doors, it’s virtually madness. Orders are taken quickly, while cooks in the back set up an assembly line of freshly fried chicken and construct the sandwiches to order. A few tables might be available if you can work your way through the crowd, but most people silently wait to the sides of the cramped space and wisely take their sandwich to-go. At long last, your name is called and it feels like you just won the lottery.

The boneless chicken breast is brined in buttermilk and thus, impossibly moist and tender, and it’s more like a chicken cutlet than traditional Southern fried chicken. It’s dotted with the fresh herbs and a slightly thick coating maintains structure and crumbles with a deep, satisfying crust. The rest of the components are almost too simple to a fault: Hellman’s mayo, shredded iceberg lettuce, Cabot cheddar, and sliced raw onion are all incorporated without fanfare. A tangy honey-mustard plays  nicely with the chicken, and the whole thing is held in check by a light, Iggy’s brioche bun.

There’s nothing totally original about the Cutty’s fried chicken sandwich, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t successful. It’s an informal sandwich without any allure or chef tricks, but it hits all the right spots that it needs to.

Cutty’s, 284 Washington St, Brookline. Info: 617-505-1844,


Photo by Katie Chudy


Photo by Katie Chudy


Photo by Katie Chudy


Photo by Katie Chudy