Photos: A Closer Look at Meng’s Kitchen Food Truck

This northern Chinese food truck specializes in one-dollar steamed pork buns.

A sample of Meng's Kitchen's menu includes pan fried dumplings, savory tofu, and chopped beef sandwiches. (Photo by Alex Lau)

A sample of Meng’s Kitchen’s menu includes pan-fried dumplings, savory tofu, and chopped beef sandwiches. (Photo by Alex Lau)

In a city where food trucks seem as abundant as tech startups, it’s sometimes hard to find a meal on wheels that’s cheap and deliciously reliable. But Meng’s Kitchen, which was featured earlier this month in Boston‘s Cheap Eats issue, manages to hit both notes. A food truck specializing  in northern Chinese cuisine, Meng’s has become known for their one-dollar steamed pork buns, which have won over the hearts of Northeastern students who often line up during lunch hours.

In addition to the fluffy steamed pork buns (stuffed with pork, cabbage, and ginger), the truck also serves tea eggs, which are hard-boiled in a brew of spices and black tea leaves. (And coming in at 75 cents a pop, they’re a steal for the price.) Also on offer is rou jia mo, a Chinese-style sandwich stuffed with chopped beef, scallions, peppers, and cilantro.

Meng’s cooking style is derivative of Tianjin, a city in the northern region of China, which focuses mainly on pickled vegetables, spiced meats, and bread in their meals. All of Meng’s ingredients are prepared at a commissary out in Medford, but freshly assembled to order. Want to try it out for yourself? You can find the truck set up by the Chinatown T stop in the mornings, or on the Northeastern campus on Thursdays and Saturdays. For current schedules, check

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meng's kitchen food truck boston

Meng’s most popular dish is steamed pork buns that are stuffed with ginger and scallions. (Photo by Alex Lau)

meng's kitchen food truck boston

Meng’s cheap prices and appealing menu options make it a student favorite. (Photo by Alex Lau)

meng's kitchen food truck boston

David Meng is in charge of operations for Meng’s Kitchen and prepares the majority of the meals in a Medford commissary. (Photo by Alex Lau)