Boston Food Trucks Are Going to Test Late-Night Hours [Updated]

Get ready to eat banh mi sandwiches, fish tacos, and pork belly buns at midnight.

The Bacon Truck

The Boston Police Department has approved a late night pilot program for specific food truck spots around town. Photo courtesy of Facebook/The Bacon Truck

UPDATE 9:10 a.m., March 13: 

This morning, Mayor Walsh’s office released the names of the food trucks participating in the late-night pilot program at Copley Square, Boston University, and Northeastern University.

  • BBQ Lamb Brothers
  • Bon Me
  • Chicken and Rice Guys
  • Cookie Monstah
  • Frozen Hoagies
  • Mediterranean Home Cooking
  • Meng’s Kitchen
  • Stoked Pizza
  • Tea Station
  • The Bacon Truck

Perhaps even more exciting than that extra hour of noshing is the fact that four out of the ten trucks chosen will be new to the streets of Boston: Mediterranean Home Cooking, Stoked Pizza, Tea Station, and The Bacon Truck.

Via a press release, Mayor Walsh reiterated that the pilot program experiementcould lead to extended hours across the city. “Food truck owners and customers have been asking for later hours for food trucks, and we’ve been listening. We’ll be looking at this pilot to see if it’s something we can expand to more sites.”


The Boston late-night scene just continues to get better and better. First came news that the MBTA will be running trains until 3 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, and now word has come down that the Boston Police Department has approved of food trucks serving dinner until midnight.

According to a report from Emily Benjamin Finn, interim mobile food truck coordinator for the Boston Food Initiatives department, the BPD has approved a late-night pilot program, extending dinner service by one hour at certain locations around the city. Starting on April 1, food trucks parked at the Boston Public Library, Northeastern University at Opera Place, and BU East at Morse Auditorium will have the option of staying open until midnight on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

The 2014 food truck application process has yet to be completed, so there’s no word yet on which food trucks will be able to take advantage of the additional weekend hours. But in her release Finn reiterates, “The results of the pilot—how smoothly it operates—will play a major role in whether or not the late-night hours will continue.”

It’s hard to imagine what kind of shenanigans the city is anticipating from these rogue, food-slinging motor homes, but let’s hope everyone plays nice for the sake of those post-bar-hopping cravings for pork belly buns and fish tacos.