Boston Homebrew Supply Set to Open in Brookline

A professional brewer brings a modern approach to urban brewing.

boston hombrew supply

Joshua Sattin, former brewer at Boston Beer Works, is close to opening his homebrew supply store in Coolidge Corner.

With more and more craft breweries emerging from kitchens and garages filled with propane burners and seven-gallon brew kettles, it makes sense that homebrewing shops would catch up with advances in the industry. Enter Joshua Sattin, the (until recently) head brewer for Boston Beer Works Fenway and a dedicated homebrewer, who was tired of dusty shops cluttered with dated equipment and stale ingredients.  His Brookline shop, Boston Homebrew Supply, which opens in mid-April, will focus on education, the freshest hops and grains, and technology suited for small-batch urban brewing.

“I know living in a city, most people don’t have a lot of access to a propane burner outside,” says Sattin. “I really want to cater to electric brewing, people with small apartments. I do a lot of brewing on my kitchen stove because I don’t necessarily want to be outside in the cold trying to brew a batch of beer.”

Sattin’s space is far sleeker than most homebrew shops, with stylish touches like gravity bins for specialty grains, but even more than the modern aesthetic, Boston Homebrew Supply will offer the insight and expertise of professional brewers. Besides Sattin’s hands-on approach to running the shop, there will be clone ingredient kits from local commercial breweries like Jack’s Abby, and classes and demonstrations taught by professional craft brewers from all over New England.

former high school calculus and geometry teacher, Sattin says his newest endeavor “… is a perfect mixture of my talents, teaching and brewing. Most homebrew shops are run by guys that may or may not know a ton about brewing. I’ve been a professional for three years now. My knowledge is a lot deeper than what you’ll typically get a homebrew store.” 

1378B Beacon St., Brookline,