Trade Debuts New Interactive Cocktail Program

Choose from a provided list of adjectives, and voila, Trade's bartenders will make you a customized cocktail.

TRADEcreates notepads for customizable cocktails.Photo by Ken Rivard

TRADEcreates notepads for customizable cocktails.Photo by Ken Rivard

With the swelling number of bitters, vermouths, digestifs, syrups, shrubs, infusions, and all manner of small-batch, esoteric spirits being added to contemporary cocktail lists, it’s easy to become a little overwhelmed. That’s why Trade’s new TRADEcreates program, which debuts on April 16, is such a great idea. Guests collaborate with bartenders by simply writing down answers to questions like “What do you usually drink?” Next, they check off characteristics such as “smokey,” “sweet,” “dry,” “savory,” “bitter,” “spicy,” and “herbal” from a list of 15 adjectives. Based on those parameters, Trade’s team of bartenders improvise a custom cocktail tailored to a guest’s preferences. 

Choose “floral” and “citrus” and you might receive a mezcal flip with Vida mezcal and saffron syrup. Maybe you want something “strange” and “herbal”? Enjoy a rum cocktail prepared with cardamom, star anise, and an angostura ice cube.

To facilitate these very specific requests, Trade will employ a wealth of house-made ingredients like thai-bird chili infused agave nectar, rhubarb puree, vanilla rhubarb syrup, and spices like clove, tarragon, and Szechuan peppercorns. All of Trade’s kitchen bounty is also up for grabs, so fresh fruit and vegetables will be utilized like bok choy, okra, kale, kumquat, and burnt orange. And most importantly, no cocktail will be sullied by cheap well spirits. Expect quality local brands like Bully Boy rums and whiskey, WireWorks gin, and Privateer rum

“TRADEcreates is such a fun interplay between guest and bartender; it allows them to collaborate with one another to create something completely original. The program enhances the TRADE cocktail experience in every way by stirring up questions and conversation, creating personalized recipes, and challenging the guest’s palette,” says Bar Manager Jonathan Mendez via a press release.

Guests can look for TRADEcreates notepads on Sunday evenings from 5:30-10 p.m. and Monday through Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm-11pm at the bar. All cocktails are priced at $10.

Sunday evenings from 5:30-10p.m., Monday through Wednesday evenings from 5:30-11p.m., 540 Atlantic Ave., Boston; 617-451-1234 or