Stacked Donuts and Trademark Tarts Officially Join Forces to Form Party of Two

Stephanie Cmar and Justin Burke-Samson are going on a 10-city tour with their new confectionary company.

stepanie cmar

Stacked Donuts and Trademark Tarts are officially forming a new company called Party of 2. Photo courtesy of Trademark Tarts

Stephanie Cmar of Stacked Donuts and Justin Burke-Samson of Trademark Tarts have officially become business partners, joining together to form Party of Two. The new entity will continue to feature Cmar’s gourmet doughnuts and Burke-Samson’s elevated Pop Tarts.

“After our first pop-up together and the success of that day, we continued to work together and it organically turned into a good fit,” says Burke-Samson. “We both have the same ambition and goals and so we thought it was the appropriate thing to do; to form a partnership and see where it goes.”

Party of Two will spend the spring in Boston, continuing their wildly popular pop-up series, then take their concept on the road. Starting on July 5, the two will go on a 10-city tour that will include stops in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Brooklyn, and Portland, Maine. The trip will culminate with a wrap-up celebration that’s tentatively set to take place at Fairsted Kitchen.

“We’re inviting everyone to come celebrate the launching of our business and the tour we will have just wrapped up,” says Burke-Samson about the Boston party on July 14. “There will definitely be something more substantial than donuts and pop tarts to eat as well. It’ll be a party with family and friends and all the restaurants that helped us out in the beginning. We want to celebrate with everyone.”

After returning to Boston, Party of Two also intends to explore brick-and-mortar options for the business. Burke-Samson says that they’ve already decided on an area where they’d like to build a more permanent home, but didn’t divulge the exact locale. “We definitely want a neighborhood where there’s a blend of residents as well as businesses, too. Donuts and Pop Tarts are both things you can eat at any time during the day. We want to hit an area that’s not saturated with bakeries, basically.”