Kirkland Tap and Trotter Now Has Brunch

Fill your Sundays with hot dog hash and Tony Maws' latest burger masterpiece.

kirkland tap and trotter

Tony Maws is launching a new brunch program at Kirkland Tap and Trotter. Photo provided.

Considering the popularity of his brunch menu at Craigie on Main, Tony Maws’ Central Square flagship, it seemed only a matter of time before the acclaimed chef added the weekend service to his nose-to-tail Somerville spot. Starting on May 18, Kirkland Tap and Trotter is debuting its first ever brunch menu with savory touches like shrimp and grits, pork chops, and a hot dog hash utilizing the gourmet frankfurters Maws perfected for Kirkland’s “Hot Dog Mondays.” Other dishes Maws says he’s particularly excited about include a house-baked sticky bun (“a great option for anyone who wants to have a simple brunch at the bar”), a variation on his notorious Craigie burger with kimchee Russian dressing, and a full kids menu with illustrations provided by his five-year-old son.


Scrambled eggs-  wild mushrooms, grilled toast  $14
Spice-crusted pork chop-  two fried eggs  $26
Grass-fed cheeseburger-  kimchee Russian dressing, emmantaler  $16
KT&T hot dog hash-  soft poached egg, hollandaise  $15
Grilled florida shrimp-  creamy semolina polenta  $18
House-smoked fish rillettes-  garden pickle, everything bagel  $14
Mixed green salad-  reggiano  $10
Kids whole wheat pancakes-  cherry compote  $8


KT&T Breakfast Sausage-  $6
KT&T Bacon – $6
Grilled Artichoke – $8
Sticky Bun – $5
Greek Yogurt – $6
House-made Granola – $4
Fries – $6
Fried Egg – $2 each


Crispy Pork Jowl Croutons


Sunday Brunch, 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., 425 Washington St., Somerville; 857-259-6585 or