Greg Hill to Open New ‘Beefsteak Dinner’ Concept in Waltham

Flank, the New American Beefsteak, to open sometime this fall.


A rendering of the interior at Flank in Waltham. Art provided

Greg Hill, host of WAAF’s long-running “Hill-man Morning Show” and founder of the Greg Hill Foundation, wants to revive the turn-of-the-20th-century tradition of the “beefsteak dinner.” His new 8,000 square-foot restaurant, Flank, the New American Beefsteak, in Waltham will embrace the carnivorous dining trend of consuming mass amounts of steak sans utensils, when it opens sometime later this year. Located at 1265 Main in Waltham, Flank’s owners promise a modernized take on the boisterous, mass dining experience.

“With the opening of Flank, the New American Beefsteak, we are incredibly excited to introduce the raucous beefsteak dinner concept to the people of Massachusetts,” Hill says via a press release. “Whether diners choose to stay with current social customs and use cutlery, or they decide to let loose and go without, they will never forget their first ‘beefsteak’ dinner at Flank.”

Flank’s menu will feature less common cuts of beef like its namesake Flank, as well as Skirt, Hanger, and Coulotte. These cuts will be rounded out by throwback appetizers, entrees, and sides, such as deviled eggs, braised beef wontons, beef braciole, and baked artichokes.

No opening date has been set. Stay tuned for updates.