Seriously, Check Out the Chicken & Rice Guys’ Website

Come for the chicken halal, stay for the comedy.

Photo provided

Chicken & Rice Guys owners Kevin Lao, Ian So, and Mark DeNote posing for a calendar. Photo provided

In the market for a dirty dollar? That’ll cost you $1.50. How about a medium-weight plastic fork? It’ll be shipped to your house for a mere 50 cents. Even better, how much would it cost for the recipe to The Chicken & Rice Guys’ garlicky white sauce? Well, that’ll cost you your soul.

If, by chance, you’ve been browsing on the website for the popular food truck, The Chicken & Rice Guys, which specializes in halal-style street fare, you might have stumbled upon the “Goodies” tab hawking absurdly priced gag items. Case in point, the aforementioned dirty dollar, which co-owner Ian So posted on Instagram:


Dirty dollar posted on the Chicken & Rice Guys website. Photo provided

Another bit of paraphernalia, on sale for a cool $100,000, is your own Chicken & Rice Guys food truck complete with free delivery. But the crowning jewel of the site has to be the “Men of CnRG” calendar featuring shots of the three topless owners shoveling snow. The best part about the Goodies page? Everything can actually be added to the online cart and purchased.

“If people actually want to buy this stuff, we’ll give it to them,” So says. “If they want to buy a fork for 50 cents, we’ll send them a medium-weight fork. If someone wants to spend $150 for a ‘Men of CnRG’ calendar, we’ll take some more topless pictures. People ask me all the time if we’re for real, but we’ll definitely find a way to make it happen if they’re interested.”