Strip-T’s’ Baseball Inspired Pop-up Dinner

Jared Forman turns his love of the ballpark into Cuban fries, sunflower seed salads, and Japanese Cracker Jacks

Strip-T's chef du cuisine Jared Forman. Photo courtesy of Evan Bradford.

Strip-T’s chef du cuisine Jared Forman. Photo courtesy of Evan Bradford.

Chefs draw inspiration from everywhere: the ingredients in their walk-in, the produce and proteins currently in season, travel, and even their fellow chefs.  But for Strip-T’s’ latest pop-up dinner, chef du cuisine Jared Forman (formerly at Gramercy Tavern, Per Se, Momofuku Ssam Bar) turned to America’s favorite pastime. On June 22, Strip-T’s, in collaboration with Soon Spoon, will open on Sunday for a five-course, baseball-inspired spread entitled “If You Feed Them, They Will Come.” Starting at 3 p.m., guests can enjoy dewy bottles of Brooklyn Pennant Ale and Coors Original and snacks like “Japanese Nippon League” Cracker Jacks, soy caramel popcorn with fish sauce peanuts.

Then at 4 p.m., Strip-T’s will show the Red Sox vs. Athletics game, as Forman serves up four family-style courses such as Cubano invasion french fries with house-cured ham and pulled pork and a ballpark sundae with an assortment of ice cream flavors. For $45, each person will have their choice of two beers or house-made sodas, and five courses worth of food.

Strip-T’s Baseball-Themed Menu

Japanese “Nippon League” cracker jacks: soy caramel popcorn, fish sauce peanuts, crispy tendon

“Cheek Full of Sunflower Seeds” salad: grapefruit league (leek) vin, sun greens, oil, seeds, sopressata

Cubano Invasion French Fries: house ham, pulled pork, pickles, swiss cheese

Provolone Sausage: pickled peppers and house mustard

Ballpark Sundae: sugar cone, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, assorted ice cream flavors  

$45 per person, June 22, 3 p.m., 93 School St., Watertown; 617-923-4330 or