Estelle’s Now Serving Barbecue

Executive chef Eric Gburksi takes on Texas brisket and North Carolina-style pulled pork.


Estelle’s new Eastern North Carolina pulled pork sandwich. Photo provided

In a menu already replete with everything cornmeal-crusted, meat-laden, and/or smothered in gravy, there was still one thing missing from Estelle’s southern chic menu: smoke. That’s why, starting this week, executive chef Eric Gburksi has added Texas-style brisket, North Carolina pulled pork, and a variety of other barbecue options to Estelle’s dinner and late night menus. Check out the details:


1/2 Rack of Baby Back Ribs ($21.95)
Texas Brisket ($18.95)
BBQ Trio Platter (ribs, brisket, pulled pork – $20.95)
Eastern North Carolina Pulled Pork ($18.95)


3 Dry Rubbed & Smoked Baby Back Ribs – house barbecue sauce ($9.95)
Pulled Pork Sandwich – Eastern North Carolina style, remoulade slaw, B ‘n B pickles, house-cut fries ($12.95)
Burnt Ends Brisket Sandwich – remoulade slaw, B n’ B pickles, house-cut fries ($13.95)

5 p.m. through 2 a.m., 782 Tremont St., Boston; 857-250-2999 or